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f you need an appointment, just use our web appointment form. We look forward to caring for you and your vehicles. We’re centrally located in the heart of West Hollywood with easy, convenient access to the 101, 2, 10, and 5 freeways. Business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment. Contact Info & Location Premium Collision Center 7068 Lexington Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90038 Phone: (323) 464-2200 Fax: (323) 464-2225 Email: Member Access Remember

Choosing a great auto body shop for your collision repair is crucial. The manufacturer should always be the one who calls the shots in auto body collision repair. Today's cars, trucks and SUVs are the most complicated and sophisticated cars that have ever been produced. Vehicles have changed and the body shop equipment, methods and procedures must be consistently updated, as well.

Technical service bulletins (TSB) are provided by manufacturers. Your repairs must be kept up-to-date with the most recent TSBs. The manufacturer must call the shots on how a collision repair is completed. Premium Collision Center is a certified dealer repair facility, and we are also I-CAR, IES, OEM & ALLDATA certified.

Our technicians use the latest collision repair technology to bring bent frames, crunched metal, broken windshields, smashed hoods and worse back to their original factory specified quality.
Premium Collision Center is the very best auto body shop in West Hollywood. Our auto body department is equipped with technicians who have over 30 years experience, and we offer a lifetime guarantee on all body parts and paint work. Auto body repair is at the core of our existence. We have the knowledge, tools, equipment and facility needed to get your vehicle back to its original state.

Premium Collision Center is located in West Hollywood and is a state-of-the-art facility with cutting edge welding technology. We use Pro Spot i5 Smart Welder and all of our welding is completed according to the manufacture’s specifications and in compliance with ALLDATA, I-CAR and OEM procedures.

Dealer Certified Auto Body Shop | Why is this Certification important?

Premium Collision Center in West Hollywood is certified as a dealer repair facility. We are certified with Honda, Acura, Nissan, Hyundai, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, fiat, jeep, dodge, Buick, Chrysler and more.

What does this mean? Premium Collision Center’s dealer repair facility certification is an official acknowledgment that our technicians are recognized repair experts that are certified by Honda, Acura, Nissan, Hyundai, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jeep, Dodge, Buick, Chrysler and other dealerships. This certification acknowledges that our technicians are experts that know these vehicles well, and we are qualified to provide complete care in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The following is an example of Honda’s compliance requirements and the certification that we carry is Honda’s endorsement. Premium Collision Center’s Honda dealer certification informs our clients that we are approved to work on Honda vehicles and that we receive and comply with all their latest repair specifications. Here is an example of repair specification updates:

Honda’s position statement was made public on July 2016: “It is the position of American Honda that all vehicles involved in a collision* must have the following minimum diagnostic scans, inspections, and/or calibrations done to avoid improper repair:

  • A preliminary diagnostic scan during the repair estimation phase to determine what Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs may be present, so proper repairs may be included. See Background On Scan Requirements paragraph for more information.
  • A post repair diagnostic scan to confirm that no DTCs remain.
  • Some safety and driver systems will require inspections, calibration, and/or aiming after collision or other body repairs.

The Premium Collision Center auto body repair shop in Los Angeles is dedicated to providing our technicians with continuously updated education and equipment in our state of the art facility.

I-CAR, IES, OEM & ALLDATA Certified Facility | Why are Certifications important?

Premium Collision Center technicians are ALLDATA, IES, I-CAR and OEM certified. Each of these certifications requires continuous education and earned credit hours. Role relevant annual training is required for these certifications. They verify that every technician in our West Hollywood auto body facility has the knowledge, information and skills to provide safe, complete and quality repairs that will benefit the consumer.
Vehicle owners can confidently trust our facility to provide workmanship that will boost the residual value of their repaired vehicle. Our customers receive a complete satisfaction guarantee on all of the work that is completed by our technicians. You can rely on our workmanship, because our facility carries the ALLDATA, I-CAR and OEM stamp of approval.

The Premium Collision Center auto body repair facility includes six experienced auto body technicians, 10 working stations, a 7000 pound hoist body, two Mig Welders, a floor anchor sheet metal system and a Car-O-Liner frame allignment system for the most accurate repairs in West Hollywood and the Los Angeles area. The Car-O-Liner vission system provides before and after specifications. This allows technicians to provide the most accurate repair to your vehicle. The Premium Collision Center facility has a 3M Health and Safety Services Certification.

All of Premium’s welding equipment and operation standards are in compliance with certified safety and regulation certifications. All welding in Premium Collision Center is completed in full compliance with dealer specifications.

Welding Equipment

The Pro Spot i5 Smart Welder is used in our state of the art facility, and all of our welding is completed according to the manufacture’s specifications and in compliance with ALLDATA, I-CAR and OEM procedures. The Pro Spot i5 is approved by Ford, GM, Jeep, Chrysler and more.

Welding has always been a key part of collision repair, and welding has progressed along with the progression of vehicles. MIG welding is a common component in today's auto body repairs. There have been continuous MIG welding updates that require that technicians receive continuous training and use the best equipment available. All of Premium Collision Center's welding practices and equipment complies with the manufacturers specifications.

Without proper knowledge of the tools being used or of the medals being welded, vehicles could be destroyed. Thin medals can be warped and damaged with improper welding. The importance of MIG welding skills is understood and reiterated with training at our West Hollywood Auto body facility. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable, and they use the very best equipment available.

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