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Auto Body Blueprinting Estimates

Premium Collision Center’s ASE certified estimators will provide you with customized auto body repair blueprints that take the questions and concerns out of body shop repairs. Our CCC estimating system provides computerized estimates and digital photos that we submit to your insurance company for you. We take the guesswork out of the repair process.

Premium Collision Center, as one of the best Los Angeles auto body shops, uses the newest technology to determine each of the parts that are needed, and it preorders them. This computerized system ensures that dealer certified parts are used. This estimating and ordering program is directly linked with Honda, Acura, Hyundai, GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Fiat, Jeep, Dodge, Buick, Chrysler and more. We are also a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Center.

Premium Collision has a comfortable waiting room for you to relax while your car estimate is prepared. Our state-of-the-art facility is clean with well lit bays. A pleasant experience is provided from the beginning of the collision repair process. We will give you an accurate and detailed estimate, after critically inspecting your vehicle. Larger impacts will require a more detailed blueprinting process. Larger impacts may require that we partially disassemble the vehicle to properly assess external and internal damage. We offer a free five-mile shuttle to customers, as well.

Our friendly office staff will handle all of the paperwork for your claim. We frequently work with most of the common insurance companies. We will handle the claim’s payment from A-Z, including the use of a rental car. Our estimator and technicians will ensure to print and pricing accuracy. Any revisions to the repair plan can be submitted directly to the insurer. We accept cash or credit cards, if your insurance company is not liable to make the payment on the claim. Your deductible will be due upon the completion of the work.

Estimating the Repair

Blueprinting the repair is critical, because it ensures that any structural damage that has occurred during the collision is found and repaired. Structural damage is commonly overlooked by body shops. Our estimators are I-Car/ASE certified and they continually undergo training to stay on top of the ever evolving repair process needs.

Blueprinting the structural repair process upfront ensures that our customers receive quality repairs that address any and all internal and external damage. Automotive technologies are an ever-changing and evolving science that requires constant updates. Our certified technicians to stay connected with dealerships to ensure that they acquire the most up-to-date knowledge on the materials, parts and electronic systems in the newest vehicles.

Premium Collision Center offers fair pricing and complete upfront blueprint plans to our customers. Our well-developed repair plan finds and identifies any structural damage that would otherwise be missed. Today's vehicles use high strength materials and the damage load path is often projected throughout the frame of the vehicle. For example, when a vehicle is struck in the front, rear or side, the damage is often projected around the passenger compartment instead of through it. This internal damage can only be found through measurements and a detailed inspection.

Technicians in our West Hollywood body shop create a blueprint plan using a computerized program to analyze the damage. The overall structure of the vehicle is inspected. The load paths throughout the vehicle are analyzed, because the hood, doors and fender will not fit correctly, if the lower structure is out of line.

Older vehicles may show immediate damage to a frame following an accident. The door may drop and drag on the ground following a front-end hit. Following a front-end hit on your newer vehicle, the door may open and close properly, but the unseen damage travels differently. The vehicle must be completely inspected and properly measured.

Measuring Vehicles

Measurements will be displayed in your blueprint. A 3 mm misalignment cannot be seen with the naked eye, but we can catch it with our measurement system. Our certified West Hollywood technicians use their measurements to determine any misalignments that exist. Our trained estimators work with our technicians to correctly interpret the electronic printout of the vehicle's measurements.

Restoring the Vehicle to the Manufacturer’s Specifications

Blueprinting your repairs will provide you with an accurate estimate, because we have identified the extent of the damage, the cost of the replacement parts, and the hours of labor that will be needed. Blueprinting ensures that you perceive a full estimate with no surprises. It also ensures that your vehicle will be repaired according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We are a certified auto body repair Los Angeles facility, and are certified by many car dealerships, including Honda, Dodge, Buick and more.

Repair auto body Los Angeles blueprinting improves parts processing and eliminates unexpected delays and repair costs. Your vehicle can quickly fly through the repair process as we deal directly with your insurance company and comply with your vehicles manufacture specifications. Our work is 100% guaranteed.
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