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f you need an appointment, just use our web appointment form. We look forward to caring for you and your vehicles. We’re centrally located in the heart of West Hollywood with easy, convenient access to the 101, 2, 10, and 5 freeways. Business hours are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and Saturdays by appointment. Contact Info & Location Premium Collision Center 7068 Lexington Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90038 Phone: (323) 464-2200 Fax: (323) 464-2225 Email: Member Access Remember

Premium Collision Center’s state-of-the-art refinishing, painting and polishing services are the best in West Hollywood. Our auto body refinishing team achieves a fresh out of factory look on SUVs, full-sized vans, mini vans, cars and trucks. Our highly trained and certified team includes two certified auto paint refinishing technicians and two painting assistants. The team efficiently perfects each and every minor detail, and nothing is overlooked throughout the auto body repair and refinishing process.

Refinishing State-of-the-Art Facility

Premium collision has a beautiful and well lit state-of-the-art facility. The high quality equipment includes six prep stations, heated blowtherm down draft paint and bake booths, Blowtherm air suctioned paint mixing room, computerized paint matching and mixing system, GFS global finishing solutions prep station and more. Our auto body shop is certified by the 3M Health and Safety Services, and Premium Collision’s refinishing services offer a Vision Plus Lifetime Warranty.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly auto body shop, come to Premium Collision. We are committed to protecting our atmosphere, reducing emissions and providing high-quality paint. Environmentally friendly paint doesn’t contaminate the atmosphere and looks great. Premium Collision uses environmentally friendly BASF RM ONYZ HD/Diamant. This paint is a water-borne paint, and it is guaranteed, produces incredible results and carries the BASF lifetime warranty.

Auto Body Paints

There are two types of auto body paint. Solvent-borne uses petrochemical products, including paint thinning solvent. These solvents and other products developed from petrochemicals release volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are released into the atmosphere during the application of auto paint. Water-borne paint is a water based paint that is far less toxic and is just as effective and durable.

Premium Collision is a dedicated eco-friendly auto body shop. Our resolution to use only the best water-borne paint keeps us eco-friendly, and we help to reduce our emissions. We also are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint by applying paint in specially designed downdraft spray booths in our state-of-the-art facility in West Hollywood.

Our spray booths are fully filtered and trap VOCs from being released into the environment. We use High Volume Low Pressure spray guns to reduce the VOCs, and we use a curing system that uses less energy and speeds up the drying process.

Volatile organic compounds can cause respiratory issues, skin and eye irritations, muscle weakness, nausea and other health issues and diseases. Our attention to our environment is respected in our community, and our patrons are glad to play a role in saving our environment. Reducing our carbon footprint doesn’t reduce our results.

Why is Refinishing Important?

Refinishing is an important part of the post-collision auto repair process. The vehicle is brought back to its original beauty and the refinishing process. It is important that the color is perfectly matched to the original paint. Premium Collision’s auto paint in Los Angeles has a reputation for perfection. The technicians pride themselves in delivering original factory paint formulas that promise exactly the right color. Color matching is not something you can bring to just any auto body shop.

Color Matching Difficulties

When a vehicle has been in a collision and has only experienced front end damage, only the hood and the front panel will need to be painted. Matching sections of the car to the entire body is a very difficult process. It can be nearly impossible without the right tools. Color matching perfection is achieved by following our precision color achieving process. Premium Collision’s computerized formula is precise and accurate. Computerized matching is completed with a specialized computer system that identifies the exact color and produces a formula that is indistinguishable from the original paint. The vehicle is cleaned and placed in a climate controlled paint booth for the color matching analysis to be performed. The computer ensures that the exact amount of red, yellow, blue and white are used to match the smallest dent or an entire corner panel. This computerized matching ensures that blending will perfect the final product, and the completed vehicle’s paint will look factory fresh.

New automobiles have a complicated color matching process, because they are sometimes painted with a two-coat or three-coat painting process. Mica, pearl and metallic materials are sometimes applied sequentially within the factory finish. This provides a varied appearance that is based on the angle that is viewed from. These unique paint factors must be considered when creating, mixing and blending paint in the collision repair process. Premium Collision Center guarantees your complete satisfaction.


The color Premium Collision Center achieves exactly the same shade as the vehicle's original color. Our color matching technology is perfected in the climate controlled paint booths in our refinishing facility. Blending is an art that our technicians use. A small amount of color is sprayed onto the adjacent panels to create a perfect flow of color, and any fading of the original paint is immediately camouflaged. A uniform pristine appearance is completed with a clear protective coat that covers the entire refinished surface. This clear polish is the final step, and the vehicle drives away with a new car shine that glistens and glows.

Premium Collision Center’s certified auto body shop provides quality and service without compromise! Our paint shop is kept in pristine condition and has well lit spray booths. All of our tools are neatly stored and kept it in excellent, clean condition. Our dirt free work environment is purposefully maintained. It ensures that particles do not accumulate on wet paint.

To make an appointment for body work, call or use our web appointment form. We look forward to refinishing your vehicle.
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