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Most people are unaware that many of the safety features in their vehicle are designed and built right into the body or frame. Crash test results are based on the size, body shape and structure of the vehicle. These three factors are an important part of framing the car and protecting the individuals inside. The vehicle safety is directly related to the design and build of its frame.

When a vehicle experiences a collision the structural damage is often hidden beneath paneling and the body shape. Twisted, bent and even crumbled framing can take place in an accident. Frame straightening is so important after any collision that has compromised the framing on your vehicle, because it can result in serious injury in any future accidents.

There are two vehicle designs. The unibody design is built with all of the components remaining inside the body of the vehicle. The unibody design is seen in most vans and cars. It can also be seen in some SUV crossovers. The frame design has the body component of the vehicle seated on a frame. Most trucks and larger SUVs are designed using a frame.

Vehicles that are built with a frame design had increased strength. Regardless of the unibody or frame design, both the vehicle's body and frame offer the best protection for individuals involved in a collision. If either the frame or body structure is damaged, individuals may experience serious injuries in any future collision.

If the structure has been compromised, the suspension and mechanical assemblies will not function properly. This could place excess strain in the engine, cause a uneven wear on the tires and affect vehicle and handling control. Premium Collision Center can assess structural damage, by examining it thoroughly. Our body shop experts can straighten the body's frame and correct it, so that it complies with the original factory specifications.

The frame alignment machine will be used to straighten the frame. When the structural repairs had been completed, the vehicle will be safe to drive. All the vehicles parts will be able to function in precision. The suspension and mechanical components will be aligned properly. Our computerized measuring system will ensure that the vehicle is completely aligned in complying with the factory specifications.

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Premium Collision Center certified dealer trained technicians use a computerized measuring system to detect and straighten any misalignments. The Car-O-Liner frame machine is used here at Premium Collision Center in our West Hollywood facility. Car-O-Liner is powerful and accurate. This state-of-the-art measuring system provides the perfect frame alignment for vehicles. Their unique measurement is computerized and a printout show point-to-point lower and upper body measurements.

The straightening repair will be drawn out prior to the repair using actual dimensions and pulling locations. Straightening is needed when the damage involves steering, power train mounting points for suspension. Our technicians are fully trained and certified for straightening body over frame (BOF) vehicles and unibody vehicles. Our state-of-the-art facility includes high-quality Car-O-Liner measuring and straightening equipment. A final alignment check will be completed, after the straightening.

The vehicle's final measurements will be checked and accepted only when they meet factory specifications. Having your vehicle restored to the original factory specifications will ensure that it is operating at maximum safety levels and that it will protect you and your family in any future collision. Contact our dealer certified auto body shop today for a free estimate.
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